OneFeather, an Indigenous digital identity company, has created the first online status card (eID) service for Indigenous tribes in Canada. There is one national tribal ID card, the Certificate of Indian Status, issued in Canada. The new service is designed to facilitate and expedite the following steps for tribal members:

  • Applying for the identity card
  • Updating existing status cards
  • Renewing existing cards.

The eID service is intended to minimize inconvenient card expirations and delayed applications. Delays can push the renewal process past a card’s expiration date, which can result in the Canadian federal government no longer recognizing a tribal cardholder’s rights. 

Creating an account is convenient and private

To create an online account, an applicant takes a selfie for biometric matching and uploads it to the OneFeather account along with information from a guarantor (with their own account) who can verify the applicant’s status as an Indigenous person.

Through the new service, account holders will have quick access to various services with a single login, as well as direct control over what data they share and with whom. 

OneFeather says its service focuses on the privacy, identity, and sovereignty of Indigenous cardholders. The company also protects cardholders’ rights to their biometric data by sharing with the government only the data that is required for a national status account.


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