How often is a banknote treasured as a lucky charm, tucked away in a safe place, then brought out when the country’s rugby team is competing in the Olympics? Sports enthusiasts in Fiji do exactly that with the banknote produced to commemorate the Flying Fijians’ rugby sevens gold medal win at the 2016 Olympic games.

The colorful banknote is unique in several ways:

  • One side features the winning team with gold medals around their necks, and on the other side are former captain Osea Kolinisau and then-head coach Ben Ryan.
  • It is the only $7 banknote in the world, with the denomination reflecting Fiji’s 2016 gold medal in rugby sevens competition.
  • The banknote is a collector’s item but can be spent as legal tender in Fiji.

The Reserve Bank of Fiji printed 2 million commemorative banknotes. Some fans in Fiji collect as many of the notes as they can, and fans around the globe purchase them online for well over the face value. For collectors, the love of rugby and pride in Fiji are at the heart of the keepsake.


Reserve Bank of Fiji

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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