Electronic passport services can now be accessed by Fijians at the island nation’s embassy in Brussels, Belgium.

Fiji Times reports the service enables Fijians living in Europe to lodge applications for an electronic Fijian passport.

Deo Saran, Fiji’s Ambassador to Belgium, said the new system will bring relief to Fijians living in Europe.

He said citizens could apply for the e-passports directly at the embassy through the submission of their biometric details.

He added that the introduction of e-passport services brings the border management system on par with other international systems.

“The embassy is inviting Fijians living in Europe to take advantage of this new service and to contact the embassy for the application guidelines and processes,” he said.

“We are pleased that the Immigration Department recognises that this new service will benefit the Fijian diaspora living here in Europe.”

Fiji Times reports the e-passport contains a new range of security features that will make it more difficult for people to enter the country illegally.

According to reports, the new passport is designed to avoid forgery, identity theft, passport tampering and reproduction.

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