The Reserve Bank of Fiji has launched a commemorative FJD 50 banknote and 50 cent coin to commemorate the country’s 50th year of independence.

Fiji Times reports the coin is the first-ever coloured coin to be released in the country’s history.

Over the years, the structure of Fiji’s banknotes and coins has continued to evolve in line with changing transaction patterns, customer demand and security standards.

The commemorative polymer FJD 50 banknote is vibrant, sharp and multi-coloured, primarily blue, yellow and orange, synonymous with the multicultural island nation.

The front of the banknote predominantly features the first raising of the Fijian flag at Albert Park on 10 October 1970, depicting the birth of the country as an independent nation. 

The government building clock is portrayed chiming precisely at 10:00, the time when the new flag was raised to the masthead.

The Fijian shield also is portrayed along with the signature of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji on the left side of the note.

A clear window with the image of the Fijian shield has also been used and can be seen both from the front and back of the banknote.

When the note is placed under an ultra-violet light source, certain areas of the banknote like the serial numbering and area around the shield and clock will glow and “50” will be revealed.

When the note is tilted, colour-changing elements around the shield and clock can be seen.

The reverse of the banknote features Fijian children from various ethnic backgrounds moving together and waving the nation’s flag.

Certain elements of the children’s images fluoresce yellow when the note is placed under an ultra-violet light.

To help the blind and visually impaired to identify the banknote, there are two vertical lines of raised dots on the top right-hand side of the banknote which can be clearly felt.

The front of the 50 cent coin features the Fijian Coat of Arms, the word “FIJI”, the issuing year “2020” and the denomination “50 cents”.

The reverse of the coin features a coloured extract of the Fiji flag with the words “50 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE” and “10.OCTOBER.2020” inscribed around the image.

The coin is round with milled edges and inner do-decagon edges.

The new notes went into circulation on 8 October and will be a legal tender just like any other circulated banknote or coin.

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