Age verification company 1account has launched a pilot program of the 1account ID app at the Tru Nightclub in Camberley, Surrey in the United Kingdom.

1account claims: Online or offline, 1account ID gives you a practical way to prove only the minimum data required to:
  • buy an age restricted product from a store.
  • place a bet on that winning horse.
  • gain admission to your favorite club or bar.

The pilot program allows a nightclub-bound individual to upload an image of their current identity document (such as a driving license, passport, or PASS card), along with a selfie, via the 1account ID app. The app’s age and document verification technology will then compare the selfie to the photo on the ID document. If the photos match, the app will create a digital ID document, saved to the user’s smartphone, that will allow him or her enter the nightclub.

MixMag predicts, “The digital ID could be replacing driver’s licences and passports within the next year.”

Promoters of the app see numerous other benefits for customers and businesses alike. They say the app will streamline the process of checking IDs and will get customers in the door faster. And, they say, the app, which stores their digital ID on a smartphone, will prevent customers from accidentally losing and leaving their ID cards in a nightclub or other venue.

The government-approved pilot program will run from February 16 to June 30, 2022. The app is available from Google Play and the App store.


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