European Union leaders will reportedly ask the European Commission to develop an EU-wide public electronic identification system to access cross-border digital services.

EURACTIV reports the proposal is expected to be made at the European Council on 24 and 25 September in Brussels, Belgium.

According to the media network specialising in EU policies, the 27 Heads of State and Government want to have a “robust and functional digital ecosystem across the EU for citizens.”

To that end, EU leaders will call for the development of an “EU-wide secure public electronic identification (e-ID) to provide people with control over their online identity and data as well as to enable access to cross-border digital services,” the draft document seen by EURACTIV reads.

The leaders will reportedly ask the European Commission to put forward a proposal for a European Digital Identification initiative by mid-2021.

Member states hope that an EU-wide e-ID will be especially for cross-border digital services. 

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