A new digital identity app called eID-Me is now available to Canadians. The app was developed by Ottowa-based Bluink, thanks to $1.2 million in funding from Ontario’s Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade.

The eID-Me app creates a digital version of an individual’s government ID that stays encrypted on their smartphone and is not uploaded to the cloud. To register for eID-Me, users need a valid Canadian or US passport plus a driver’s licence or photo ID card. (The passport requirement will later be removed to make the app more accessible.)

Bluink describes the benefits of eID-ME as follows:

· Universal digital ID on one’s phone.

· Secure digital wallet with strong protection against identity theft.

· Identity verification in seconds.

· Better online security with strong authentication.

· Convenient password-free logins.

· Better privacy with complete control of one’s identity information.

The company also promises Canadians who use the app better access to government, financial, health care, and other ID-enabled services in the near future.


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