The Caribbean state of Grenada will soon celebrate the 50th anniversary of its independence from Britain with a new $50 commemorative banknote that depicts Grenada’s rich history, culture, and identity.

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) unveiled the commemorative note in February 2024 and will put it into circulation in June. It will serve as legal tender for all commercial transactions throughout the East Caribbean States. (Grenada and seven other countries belong to the Eastern Caribbean Monetary Union.)

The new banknote has the same dimensions (132mm x 65mm) as the existing $50 note. It is printed on a Safeguard® polymer substrate.

Artistic design that reflects Grenada’s people and places

The commemorative note has unique artistic design that depicts images of iconic Grenadians and Grenadian landmarks. The colors are vibrant, and both sides of the banknote are in a vertical orientation. Have a closer look at the note here:

Eastern Caribbean States $50 Commemorative Note

Front Side Back Side

Front side:
Image of Eric Gairy, Grenada’s first prime minister; Olympic sprinter Kirani James; Grenada map and coat of arms; butterflies and flowers; nutmeg branch with leaves; and a jet airliner.

Back side: Maurice Bishop, Grenada’s second prime minister; Big Drum musicians and Carriacou (woman singer, men drummers); nutmeg branch with leaves.

Security features to thwart counterfeiters

The note contains several security features intended to prevent counterfeiting. The features include:

  • A color-changing foil strip (KINEGRAM COLORS®) below the primary image on each side of the note.
  • A complex polymer window within the holographic strip.
  • A horizontal fluorescent strip and a vertical magnetic strip.
  • A tactile emboss in a triangle shape to help blind and visually impaired consumers recognize the note’s denomination.


Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

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