All Barcodes and All Document Types – DESKO Boarding Gate Readers, here we go!


DESKO develops and produces hardware solutions for identity document checks and automated data entry. From OCR data and image capture to complete authentication of identity documents, DESKO offers an ideal solution for security checkpoints, such as border and access control, immigration, banking, retail and hospitality.

DESKO products are dedicated for scanning and collecting (or even authenticate) passport and identity data. They are equipped with DESKOÕs own state-of-the-art optical scan system which is specifically designed for scanning identity cards and passports under IR, VIS and UV. They therefore provide excellent images for OCR data collection and document authentication. The various additional options such as barcode reading, magnetic stripe reading, contact and contactless chip reading or an RFID module for biometric passport/identity card reading complete the DESKO product range and make them ready for your future requirements.

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