In June, the European border and coast guard agency Frontex participated in the final demonstration of the D4FLY project, a research and innovation project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme. This week Frontex announced the outcome of the demonstration.

What is D4FLY?

Frontex explains that D4FLY “focuses on enhancing the quality and efficiency of identity verification at border crossings by providing faster and more secure border control solutions. D4FLY has been exploring, developing, and validating new technologies to augment the current capabilities and capacities of border authorities in countering emerging threats in document and identity verification (e.g., forged documents, impostor fraud, morphed faces) at manual and highly automated border crossing points at land, air, and sea.” 

Frontex tests D4FLY under two scenarios

The D4FLY solutions were tested under two scenarios: one in an automated border post and the other, in a coach where border guards had to verify identities in a crowded, confined space. The following chart describes the scenarios:

Source: Frontex

All demonstration participants pre-enrolled using a special kiosk and then passed through a biometric corridor. During enrollment, each participant’s passport was scanned by the kiosk and different cameras captured his or her biometric features (2D, 3D and thermal face, iris and somatotype). Encrypted reference data was stored in a database. Each participant held a smartphone as a “carrier of identity” while passing through the corridor.

Fine-tuned fraud detection

During the demonstration, sensors installed in the corridor captured each participant’s biometrics, compared them with those stored in the database and either confirmed or rejected the border crossing to a border guard carrying a tablet as border check equipment. 

It’s impressive to note that two types of masks and contact lenses with fake iris prints, and a passport with a morphed photograph were successfully detected as fraud during the demonstration.



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