The Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) reports that the New Recyclable Plastic Banknotes will come into circulation from November 26 until early 2021.

The new banknotes are printed on a plastic polymer. The old bills will remain in circulation until next year but will be phased out gradually.

The first bill that will come into circulation on 26 November is the ¢ 20,000 bill.

From 1 December the ¢ 2,000 and ¢ 5,000 bills will be put into circulation, followed by the ¢ 1,000 and ¢ 10,000 banknotes at the beginning of 2021 

The new bills consist of a safer material, in order to prevent forgeries.

Also, the new bills will last longer than the older ones. The new banknotes will last 64 months as opposed to the older ones, which only lasted 12 months on average.

In addition, the new plastic bills are more recyclable, which is not possible with the current paper versions.

The new banknotes have the same security features as the ¢ 1,000 banknotes:

  • a transparent window
  • printing changing color when the banknote is rotated
  • reliefs for the blind population

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