The Danmarks Nationalbank continues to update its 2009 Series of banknotes. The first of the upgraded banknotes, called the 2009A Series, was the new 500-krone banknote put into circulation in 2020.

Next, the bank will issue new 100-krone and 200-krone banknotes in First Quarter 2024. The 2009 Series notes will remain legal tender.

The new banknotes will look very similar to the existing ones, with the familiar Danish bridges and archaeological treasures. However, for example, the serial numbers on the new notes will contain 9 digits as opposed to the 7-digit serial numbers on the previous series.

New 200-krones Banknote

Front Side 

Back Side

New 100-krones Banknote

Front Side

Back Side

New security features to fight counterfeiting 

Some security features will remain unchanged from the previous series. These include microtext, a watermark, and a hologram. However, advanced security features have been incorporated in the 2009A series to prevent counterfeiting more effectively. These security features include:

  • Tactile copper print. The words “Danmarks Nationalbank” and the signatures are printed in raised (tactile) copper print which can be felt by running one’s fingers across the surface of the banknote.
  • A windowed Motion security thread. This has been moved to the face of the banknote and displays dynamic movement when the note is tilted. The color of the thread will vary by denomination.
  • Registration feature: Half numerals printed on opposite sides (front and back) of the note appear as complete numerals when held up to the light.

A tactile feature to assist visually impaired customers

As on the previous series of banknotes, tactile (raised) marks will help visually impaired consumers recognize the denomination of each note by touch.



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