Customs officers in Shenzhen, China, now have biometric facial recognition 5G-powered glasses to scrutinize people crossing the border.

The Standard reports that the technology has been launched following test pilots conducted for two weeks at Shenzhen Bay Port.

The biometric gadgets identify travellers’ faces and flag anyone who appears suspicious or labelled as high-risk.

The glasses are said to be very fast in processing and transmitting information due to the 5G technology.

Biometric Update reports that, during the trials, facial recognition detected a number of smugglers.

The risk of smuggling is high at the Shenzhen and Hong Kong border due to some 600,000 people arriving and departing on a daily basis.

According to reports, if a high-risk person is detected, the arms of the glasses will make a noise and a red frame around the person’s face will appear on the tablet. Thorough body and luggage checks will follow.

The glasses are connected to a system that holds passenger names, travel documents and history, information immediately available in case of high-risk individuals.

According to The Standard, future plans for Shenzhen customs include further optimisation of 5G smart cameras and spectacles, and expansion to cross-boundary checkpoints.

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