Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation has launched a “healthcare bus” with integrated facial biometrics and thermal imaging to ensure safer public transport during the coronavirus pandemic.

Biometric Update reports the non-contact passenger screening system also identifies passengers not wearing masks.

The system also uses UV lighting within air ducts to sterilise the environment, which Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation says significantly reduces the chances of virus transmission even in the event an infected person boards the bus.

According to the company, UV light at 20mJ has been shown to destroy up to 99% of viruses and other genetic material smaller than 253.7nm, and the integrated air-filtration system completely sterilises bus air within 20 minutes.

“With a focus on using innovative technical solutions to create social value, Sunwin is dedicated to upholding public safety,” WeiFeng Kan, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation, said.

“Through utilising facial recognition, smart-temperature reading, UV lighting and an automatic gas detection system, we have launched the ‘Healthcare Bus’ solution to ensure passenger safety in a non-invasive way,” he added.

According to him, the surge in passengers on public transport systems caused by much of China returning to work makes them a “new frontier” in the struggle against the coronavirus.

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