Starting in late January 2022, customers renewing or applying for British Columbia driver’s licenses, identification cards (BCIDs), and Services Cards began receiving cards with some minor changes. The new cards look similar to the previous version but with design changes to support card security. 

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), which issues the credentials, has a new service provider for card production that is focused on supporting ICBC’s direction of providing affordable and secure provincial cards that benefit all British Columbians. 

British Columbia’s citizens can rest assured that their identities are well-protected by the design and security features of their provincial driving, ID and service cards. Public agencies and thousands of private businesses in the province also rely on the integrity of the information that appears on BC licenses and ID cards to confirm the holders’ identities.  

Design and security features protect identity 

2020 British Columbia credentials  2022 British Columbia credentials

There is more than one version of cards currently in circulation in BC, but all the cards share these common features: 

  • A polycarbonate, durable design.  
  • Raised laser etching of the holder’s name on the surface of the card. 
  • Additional miniature/micro-printing throughout the face of the card. 
  • Fine line background and security spiraling to make photo substitution difficult.  
  • A slightly overlapping signature to make photo substitution difficult. 
  • Colours that blend across the front of the card (rainbow printing). 
  • A tactile ghost image with the holder’s year of birth on the right-hand side that can be felt by touch. 

Cards issued starting in late January 2022 and beyond include the following changes: 

  • The ghost image is paired with the holder’s signature and full birthdate. 
  • The silhouette of a BC provincial animal on the back of the card, in a blue or gold colour, depending on the viewing angle. 
  • Whereas the rainbow printing runs vertically (top to bottom) on the previous version, the rainbow printing on the revised cards runs horizontally (side to side). 

Existing cards remain valid until their expiry date. There is no need for customers to apply for a new card before the expiry date unless their existing cards are lost, damaged or stolen. 


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