Brazil is now issuing passports with a new design that is as vibrant and interesting as the country itself. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the creation of the New Brazilian Passport (NPB) in August 2022. (The passport was last redesigned in 2019.)

Citizens living in Brazil can apply for the new document at Federal Police service points, while Brazilians living abroad will be able to request the new passport starting in the first half of 2024.

The new passport will be valid for ten years. Previously issued passports shall remain valid until their stated expiration date.

Highlights of the NBP design and security features

The NBP is characterized by advanced security features and fresh design elements; several of them are illustrated below.

The blue front cover features gold arcs, textural embossing, and an electronic chip.

Biodata page: The black-and-white image of the holder is alphanumeric. Note the secondary image of the holder.

This colorful holographic security laminate overlays the biodata page. Notice how the colors change from red to green when the document is turned 90 degrees.

The passport binding threads fluoresce yellow, green, and blue under UV light.


For more information, please visit the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


Brazil Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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