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New EES Technologies at Aviation Hubs in Bulgaria

SSARM is one of the leading IT systems integrators in Bulgaria and was awarded a major contract to equip Bulgaria's aviation hubs with EES-compliant...

Chip implants

Microchips implanted into the human body are an interesting alternative to e-ID documents. However, this technology implies a great potential for abuse. This article...
biometric screening

Philadelphia Airport starts biometric screening

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is starting a biometric screening trial project to verify travellers’ identity by capturing and matching facial scans with federal records. PHL...

The Good Health Pass Initiative

Almost daily we hear of new digital health credentials being deployed or developed around the globe. Examples include ICC, CommonPass (by Common Trust), the...

IRS Gets Backlash Over Plan to Use Facial Recognition Tech

Late last year, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that it would implement facial recognition technology to authenticate the identity of people creating...

Identities in the blockchain

Identities are important in a blockchain environment. As the blockchain concept in itself does not provide for an identity solution, an interesting challenge lies...

Transforming transportation with technology

The widespread prevalence of technology has permeated the airport business, especially when it comes to transaction handling. Everyday transactions have become more efficient thanks...

The battle of our privacy

“When you give up your privacy, you give up your power”, wrote the Canadian author Thor Benson. This seems indeed relevant as we enter...

Premium ID documents

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Identity Documents

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. This document aims to outline the ongoing work and the various...