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US Biometric and Identity Intelligence Programme

There is a weapon available to virtually anybody that is more powerful and effective than a nuclear weapon. The most powerful weapon on earth...
digital id

Singapore, Australia agree on cross-border digital ID

Singapore and Australia have made a digital economy agreement which will involve starting pilot projects that include artificial intelligence, data innovation, digital identities, electronic...

The march of the mobile

The financial services industry is increasingly showing an interest in biometrics. Apple Pay and iTouch have taken biometrics to the mass market, followed by leading...

Attributes and credentials

Attributes and credentials represent a concept that strengthens data protection and informational self‑determination in e‑ID systems. The basic idea is that an asserted attribute...

Innovations in Optically Variable Devices

The increasing need for security is driving global adoption of advanced electronic ID documents as a primary means of confirming identity and right of...

Direct-write printing

Direct‑write printing is a relatively recent digital printing method that uses a computer controlled translation stage, which moves an ink nozzle to form 2D...

Driving mobile services

If you’ve hired a car in the UK over the last few years, you will have probably been asked for a ‘check code’ by...

Authentication technique composite substrates

Composite substrates that contain paper and polymer layers with the same thickness as traditional security paper are novel options for security documents, and unique...

Premium ID documents

Part 1: Biometrics in The Cloud

The Cloud Before we delve any deeper as to what how biometric technology can be deployed into The Cloud, we must first have a basic...