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Plasmonic metamaterials

Metamaterials, artificial composites with properties not found in nature, have revolutionised the way to control electromagnetic radiation. When implemented at infrared and visible frequencies,...

Micro-optics technology for ID applications

In 2006 an overt banknote security feature, called MOTION™ was introduced. This feature, which incorporates micro-optics technology, has subsequently been approved for use in...

Security risks of using preowned hardware

Introduction There is often the view that if you purchase preowned hardware (especially from a third party), that it is not as good as buying...

New application makes life easier

As all around the world people are becoming increasingly mobile, new demands are being placed on their technological environment. Modern nomads want to make...
us immigration

US Homeland Security expands biometric collection

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is planning to expand its use of biometric data for immigration purposes. DHS says it wants to publish...

3D enrolment improves face recognition

Although 2D face recognition technology has improved recently, the quality of 2D images captured is often still poor, due in part to the sensitivity to capture...

Vein Pattern Recognition a huge contender in biometrics

An introduction to Vein Pattern Recognition Vein Pattern Recognition, also known as “VPR” for short, is the latest biometric technology to be developed and come...
malta id

Malta launches new biometric IDs

Malta is introducing new biometric identity cards for its citizens. Newsbook reports Malta’s IDs will be polycarbonate cards with many security features to prevent tampering. The...

Premium ID documents

How to Share Cybersecurity Risk in Your Company

Introduction A year after the COVID-19 pandemic began, many people and businesses thought that by now things would be more or less back to normal....