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palm vein technology

Hyosung upgrades ATMs with palm vein technology

Hyosung has integrated its self-service ATMs with Fujitsu palm vein biometric authentication technology to increase security. The South Korean company says by integrating Fujitsu’s PalmSecure...
us immigration

US Homeland Security expands biometric collection

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is planning to expand its use of biometric data for immigration purposes. DHS says it wants to publish...

Digital identities

Multiple states in the United States and multiple countries in the European Union have been working on digital identity apps. Governments around the world...

Overlay innovations

With increasing global travel and the advancing sophistication of organised crime and counterfeiters, passports must become ever more sophisticated in order to offer protection...

Current aspects in machine authentication of security documents

In part 1 of this publication Ulrich Schneider and Uwe Seidel discussed the current situation regarding the application of machine authentication systems to security...
portland ban

US city passes extensive facial recognition ban

Portland, Oregon, has banned the use of facial recognition technology by local government – including the police – and businesses such as retail stores,...
china coronavirus

China to use bus with facial biometrics

Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation has launched a “healthcare bus” with integrated facial biometrics and thermal imaging to ensure safer public transport during the coronavirus...

Documentless identification

Mobile ID is the latest and biggest buzzword in the identification industry. Far from being a clearly defined term, though, ‘mobile ID’ describes many...

Premium ID documents

Understanding Public Key Infrastructure (Part 1)

Trust in passports is essential. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology gives strong evidence that information on a secure passport chip can be trusted. This...