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facial recognition

Japan tests facial recognition at train stations

Japan plans to use a facial recognition solution that allows people to take the train just by showing their face, without having to use...


Optically variable devices have become a ubiquitous part of everyday life, with holographic, opalescent and colour-shifting features adorning a multitude of products. Of these,...

Chip implants

Microchips implanted into the human body are an interesting alternative to e-ID documents. However, this technology implies a great potential for abuse. This article...

Palm vein authentication systems and its applications

In recent years, biometric authentication technologies have been widely deployed as a means to verify an individual's identity to prevent information leaks or identity...

Facial recognition techniques

With advances in biometrics technology and improvements in IT infrastructure, there is a growing acceptance of face recognition technologies in our daily lives. Arnoud...

A smart future for identify verification

Verifying applicant identity currently constitutes a significant use of time and manpower when processing travel document applications. In Guangdong, China, the immigration bureau is...

Additive manufacturing

Printing has traditionally been a key technology in the production of secure documents, but it continues to produce new innovations, such as additive manufacturing....

The replication of biophotonic structures

Photonic devices are based on regularly structured materials or material combinations with periodicities in the order of the wavelength of visible light. These structures...

Premium ID documents

Part 2: Security vulnerabilities of e-voting

To help combat the security vulnerabilities mentioned in Part 1 of this series, biometrics has been called upon to add an extra layer(s) of...