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Digital identities

Multiple states in the United States and multiple countries in the European Union have been working on digital identity apps. Governments around the world...

Nigerian banks launch facial biometrics

Two African banks are launching authentication with facial biometrics for financial services. Nariametrics reports Access Bank in Nigeria is introducing a new facial biometric payment...

Part 1: Cryptojacking

A review of cryptojacking To some degree or another, most of us have heard of the term “virtual currency”. This is essentially the cloud-based version...

How to Fill the Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage

A huge Cyber problem that is confounding Corporate America (and companies worldwide) is the lack of a solid Cybersecurity workforce. While there are skilled...

First eID Service for Canadian Indian Status Cardholders

OneFeather, an Indigenous digital identity company, has created the first online status card (eID) service for Indigenous tribes in Canada. There is one national...

Current aspects in machine authentication of security documents

In part 1 of this publication Ulrich Schneider and Uwe Seidel discussed the current situation regarding the application of machine authentication systems to security...

The Good Health Pass Initiative

Almost daily we hear of new digital health credentials being deployed or developed around the globe. Examples include ICC, CommonPass (by Common Trust), the...
ghana election

Biometric voting in upcoming election Ghana

Ghana’s Electoral Commission (EC) is officially moving forward with its biometric voter registration drive. The West African nation is expected to go to the polls...

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