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Multicoloured, 3D floating images

Today’s credential security technologies are largely concentrated in holographic foils, which offer the benefits of being overt and tamper-resistant. However, the low durability of...
security ink

Security ink discovered for fraud prevention

Indian scientists have developed a special safety ink that can prevent counterfeiting of banknotes and identity documents. After exposure to UV light of a certain...
banknote security

New security increases for banknotes

A revolutionary new security feature has been launched to make polymer banknotes even more secure. The Cinema feature from global polymer banknote experts CCL Secure...

Snapchat brings £20 note to life

Bank of England has partnered with multimedia messaging app Snapchat to launch a magical augmented reality (AR) filter that brings the new £20 note...

European Central Bank Investigates Digital Euro Project

The European Central Bank (ECB) has joined the ranks of central banks around the world who are getting serious about issuing digital currencies. On...

Premium banknotes

Deploying Endpoint Detection & Response: 5 Best Practices

The Cyberattacker of today is no rush to launch their threat vectors. Unlike their previous “smash and grab” style, Cyberattackers now take their time...