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China Launches Large-Scale Test of Digital Currency

China is one of several countries gearing up to issue digital currencies and is poised to take the next major step toward launching central...

European Central Bank Investigates Digital Euro Project

The European Central Bank (ECB) has joined the ranks of central banks around the world who are getting serious about issuing digital currencies. On...

Libra’s early version now available

Facebook’s blockchain digital currency Libra isn’t available just yet, but an "open-source testnet" is currently available for developers. The testnet is described as “an early...

Disruptive technologies in security printing

This article is based on the report “Ten-year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Security Printing” published by Pira International in August 2010. The report...

DICE – the banknote of the future

Since time immemorial, cash has determined our social and economic life, with all its related risks and problems, such as enabling crime. Apart from...

Premium banknotes

The European Digital Identity in Active Implementation

2022, a pivotal year: this year marks a high point in the constitution of the European Digital Identity, which is being implemented with the...