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Digital Currency in the Caribbean Islands

In the Bahamas The Central Bank of the Bahamas is working with Mastercard and Island Pay to improve the usefulness of the country’s Sand Dollar,...

Colour-changing afterglow protects banknotes

A team of chemists in China has discovered a single compound that has a colour-modified afterglow. According to Chemistry World, this technique could protect banknotes...


This article focuses on the innovative optical technology SPARK®, designed for front-line authentication required for level one protection. The cutting-edge technology - encompassing patented...

DICE – the banknote of the future

Since time immemorial, cash has determined our social and economic life, with all its related risks and problems, such as enabling crime. Apart from...

European Central Bank Investigates Digital Euro Project

The European Central Bank (ECB) has joined the ranks of central banks around the world who are getting serious about issuing digital currencies. On...

Premium banknotes

Passport data page photo: Colour or no colour?

Over the last years, more and more countries decided to switch to polycarbonate for their passport’s data page. The main reasons for such upgrades...