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China Launches Large-Scale Test of Digital Currency

China is one of several countries gearing up to issue digital currencies and is poised to take the next major step toward launching central...

New note holograms wins International Awards

Innovative new holography devices that provide improved protection from counterfeiting for banknotes, have won international awards organised by the industry trade body, the International...

Snapchat brings £20 note to life

Bank of England has partnered with multimedia messaging app Snapchat to launch a magical augmented reality (AR) filter that brings the new £20 note...

Multicoloured, 3D floating images

Today’s credential security technologies are largely concentrated in holographic foils, which offer the benefits of being overt and tamper-resistant. However, the low durability of...
security ink

Security ink discovered for fraud prevention

Indian scientists have developed a special safety ink that can prevent counterfeiting of banknotes and identity documents. After exposure to UV light of a certain...

Premium banknotes

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Identity Documents

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. This document aims to outline the ongoing work and the various...