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Big Banknote Data

The Bank of Canada has recently begun collecting data on all individual notes processed by their high-speed sorting equipment, and now houses over a...

New note holograms wins International Awards

Innovative new holography devices that provide improved protection from counterfeiting for banknotes, have won international awards organised by the industry trade body, the International...

Hybrid Banknotes: A Bridge Between Cash and Crypto

As central bank digital currencies (CBDC) become reality and the use of cryptocurrencies for payments becomes more mainstream, how will these new digital monies...


This article focuses on the innovative optical technology SPARK®, designed for front-line authentication required for level one protection. The cutting-edge technology - encompassing patented...
banknote security

New security increases for banknotes

A revolutionary new security feature has been launched to make polymer banknotes even more secure. The Cinema feature from global polymer banknote experts CCL Secure...

Premium banknotes

What are the key features of a modern electronic passport?

Over the last years, more and more countries decided to switch to polycarbonate for the data page of their new electronic passports. The main...