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banknote security

New feature makes banknotes even more secure

A revolutionary new security feature has been launched to make polymer banknotes even more secure. The Cinema feature from global polymer banknote experts CCL Secure...

Colour-changing crystal glow could make better banknotes

A team of chemists in China has discovered a single compound that has a colour-modified afterglow. According to Chemistry World, this technique could protect banknotes...

Libra’s early version now available

Facebook’s blockchain digital currency Libra isn’t available just yet, but an "open-source testnet" is currently available for developers. The testnet is described as “an early...
sweden digital currency

Sweden tests e-krona digital currency

Sweden has unveiled a pilot programme for the e-krona as a possible digital alternative to paper cash. Swedish central bank Sveriges Riksbank says in recent...
Excellence in Holography

Excellence in Holography Award winners

An advanced optical anti-counterfeiting solution for banknotes has won at the Excellence in Holography Awards 2019, organised by the industry trade body International Hologram...

Premium banknotes

Part 1: US 2020 Census

Kristin Stanberry As I write this article, the US Census Bureau has just completed the 2020 Census, which is quite an accomplishment during the COVID-19...