sri lanka id card

Sri Lanka plans to launch digital ID

Sri Lanka is reportedly planning to launch a biometrics-backed digital identity card to support digital access to a range of government services. Daily News reports...
brexit border control

Biometrics at heart of Brexit border control

Biometrics will be at the heart of the UK’s planned border control policy. Science Direct reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to introduce a...
facial recognition smartphone

Facial recognition ‘on 800 million mobiles by 2024’

A new report found that facial recognition hardware will be the fastest growing form of smartphone biometric hardware. Juniper Research’s report says the hardware –...
thailand passport

Thailand’s biometric e-passports ready

The Kingdom of Thailand is moving ahead with its major migration towards biometric identification for its 70 million citizens. Thales officially handed over the full...

Part 1: Seeing eye to eye on iris recognition

Ravi Das After the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, the use of biometrics increased dramatically as a means of positively verifying and/or identifying an individual....

Should You Outsource Your Mobile App Development?

There may be times when you consider outsourcing your mobile app development. The app might be for an internal client or for a customer...