DNB’s authentication app for euro notes

Today, over 80% of Dutch people own a smartphone. A recent study indicates that people use their phones more than 200 times a day for...

Disruptive technologies in personal identification

In 2012, Smithers Pira published a major new study called ‘Ten-year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Personal Identification to 2022’1. The target of the...

First eID Service for Canadian Indian Status Cardholders

OneFeather, an Indigenous digital identity company, has created the first online status card (eID) service for Indigenous tribes in Canada. There is one national...
facial recognition

Moscow continues video surveillance

A court in Moscow, Russia, ruled that the use of biometric facial recognition technology in video surveillance in the city is not a violation...
coronavirus passport

Experts work on blockchain COVID-19 passport

Three companies are developing a blockchain-based COVID-19 health passport that will help governments to monitor the population’s state of immunity in real-time. Decrypt reports that...

Third-Party Risks to Your Business (Part 1)

Most businesses today rely to some degree on third parties to help carry out their necessary business functions. Depending on the industry your enterprise...