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Big Banknote Data

The Bank of Canada has recently begun collecting data on all individual notes processed by their high-speed sorting equipment, and now houses over a...

DICE – the banknote of the future

Since time immemorial, cash has determined our social and economic life, with all its related risks and problems, such as enabling crime. Apart from...
london facial recognition

London to use live facial recognition cameras

London’s Metropolitan Police is moving forward with plans to introduce live facial recognition cameras at various points throughout the city. The Guardian reports the move...

Authentication technique composite substrates

Composite substrates that contain paper and polymer layers with the same thickness as traditional security paper are novel options for security documents, and unique...


Ravi Das There is no doubt that the smartphone is a vital aspect of modern life. We have discovered the convenience of online shopping using...

Part 2: Biometrics in The Cloud

Part 1 of the series looked at the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which is the core platform for any biometrics in The Cloud...