digital ids

Ukraine trials digital IDs

In order to create digital IDs for citizens of Ukraine, the country’s Cabinet of Ministers has launched a pilot project. The press service of the...

Part 2: What is the blockchain?

Important considerations of the blockchain There some important things to keep in mind about the blockchain, which are as follows: It is used in large,...

Biometric Exit at Luis Munoz Marin Airport

Last month, we reported that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had begun using a program called Simplified Arrival at two of the busiest US-Mexico...
tiktok ban

TikTok facing US ban ‘due to security risks’

TikTok is under the microscope of Donald Trump’s administration after a number of people used it for fake registrations at the US President’s rally...

2020 predictions for hologram market

Rising global demand for ID and packaging security and authentication devices will strengthen the market for holography in 2020, according to the sector’s international...

The Impacts of Compromised Credentials

The password has always been an attractive target to the Cyberattacker.  But given today’s Cybersecurity threat landscape, Cyberattackers are after much more than passwords...