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facial recognition

Russian schools get facial recognition cameras

facialFacial recognition-equipped cameras will reportedly be installed in over 43,000 Russian schools, The Moscow Times reports. Cameras have already been installed in over 1,608 schools...
id cards

Cyprus ready for biometric ID cards

Cyprus' Civil Registry and Migration Department says the country’s citizens will receive a new version of identity cards, Security Document World reports. According to the...

Facial identity verification

The scientific study of facial identification in Psychology is of practical relevance to security operations and police investigations in which establishing the identity of...
china coronavirus

China rolls out ‘healthcare bus’ with facial biometrics

Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation has launched a “healthcare bus” with integrated facial biometrics and thermal imaging to ensure safer public transport during the coronavirus...
eu id

EU wants e-ID for citizens

European Union leaders will reportedly ask the European Commission to develop an EU-wide public electronic identification system to access cross-border digital services. EURACTIV reports the...

This banknote shows importance of security features

Henk van Zanten Generally speaking, counterfeit banknotes can be easily distinguished from genuine notes by checking the security features and printing techniques used in and...