Facial identity verification

The scientific study of facial identification in Psychology is of practical relevance to security operations and police investigations in which establishing the identity of...

Part 1: Seeing eye to eye on iris recognition

Ravi Das After the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, the use of biometrics increased dramatically as a means of positively verifying and/or identifying an individual....

Monaco Offers Citizens Digital ID Based on Electronic ID Cards

As we reported last October, the Principality of Monaco has selected IN Groupe as the technological partner for the development, implementation, and deployment of...

Five Famous Cyberattacks Against Critical Infrastructure

When one thinks of a Cyberattack, what often comes to mind is the damage done to Web servers and databases. In those kinds of...
Excellence in Holography

Excellence in Holography Award winners

An advanced optical anti-counterfeiting solution for banknotes has won at the Excellence in Holography Awards 2019, organised by the industry trade body International Hologram...

The Use of Social Media in the Workplace (Part 2)

A previous article explained that while social media has transformed the way companies promote their products and services, it also makes them a target...