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China’s central bank joins cross-border digital currency pilot

China's central bank will join a project that looks at utilizing central bank digital currencies (CBDC) for cross-border payments, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS)...

High Security Identification Documents

For anyone involved in the production of a high-security identification document the risk of the programme is a constant concern. Will the document look...
facial recognition

Japan tests facial recognition at train stations

Japan plans to use a facial recognition solution that allows people to take the train just by showing their face, without having to use...

Flash storage versus SSD storage

Introduction to SSDs Very often, people use the terms SSD and flash drives interchangeably with one another. While both mechanisms refer to storage, the two...
croatia id card

Croatian ID to comply with EU order

Croatia is fast-tracking amendments to its government’s Law on Identification Cards to make the credential compliant with the European Union’s directives requiring fingerprint and...

Penetration Testing (Part 2)

The previous article, defined Penetration Testing and explained why it is critical and who carries it out. Now we will review several different kinds...