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UAE residency and visit visas validity extended

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government has extended the validity of expatriates’ residency and visit visas. Gulf Today reports those visas that have expired after...

Putin approves law for ADT residents

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has passed a law on a multi-entry working visa for residents of the advance development territory (ADT) in the Far...

UK sets out post-Brexit immigration plan

A fast-track health and care visa has been unveiled as part of the UK's plans for a points-based immigration system when freedom of movement...

Easy access for Polish in USA

The US government has nominated Poland to have access to its State Department’s Visa Waiver Programme. This programme will make it easier for Polish citizens...

The story of standardisation

In November 1944, 54 States attended the International Civil Aviation Conference in Chicago. At the end of this conference a Convention on International Civil...

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