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Free visa for UAE residents travelling to Japan

The Consulate General of Japan in Dubai is now authorised to issue free visas to UAE nationals and other nationals residing in the United...
singapore hong kong

Singapore clarifies confusion over passports

Singapore has clarified that Hong Kong passport holders do not need a visa to enter the city state. The Singapore Consulate-General in Hong Kong made...
bulgaria uk passport

Bulgaria wants to change Citizenship Act for UK

The Bulgarian government is proposing to amend its Citizenship Act so that UK citizens who apply for Bulgarian passports before the end of 2020...
germany travel

Germany lifts travel warning

Germany has decided to lift its travel warning for 31 European countries as part of a normalisation process after the coronavirus outbreak. Heiko Maas, Minister...
bno passport

Changes to British visa system discussed

Boris Johnson has opened the path to what he called one of the “biggest changes” to the British visa system. The Guardian reports the British...

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How to Fill the Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage

A huge Cyber problem that is confounding Corporate America (and companies worldwide) is the lack of a solid Cybersecurity workforce. While there are skilled...