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Putin approves law for ADT residents

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has passed a law on a multi-entry working visa for residents of the advance development territory (ADT) in the Far...
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England’s quarantine dropped for some countries

English holidaymakers will be able to visit Spain, Italy, France and Germany without having to quarantine for 14 days on their return to England. The...

Americans can return home on expired passports

U.S. citizens who are currently overseas and whose passports expired on or after 1 January 2020, can use their passports for to return home...

Ukraine and Ecuador abolish visa requirements

The Ukrainian and Ecuadorian governments have decided to abolish their visa requirements. The visa-free regime, which was announced by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on Twitter,...

No more free long-term visas for Estonians

Ukraine has stopped giving long-term visas to Estonian citizens for free, after Estonia did the same. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the resolution...

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Global Passport Fees in 2021

Passports are a necessity in today’s global world, and so are the fees one has to pay for such travel documents. In the best...