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British Columbia Phasing Out Enhanced Driving and ID Credentials

British Columbia is phasing out the enhanced driver’s licence (EDL) and enhanced identification card (EIC) it began offering in 2008 to ease traveler’s entry...

Breeder and supporting documents

Barack Hussein Obama wasn’t even the US Democratic presidential candidate yet when the first allegations about his citizenship began to emerge. The issue was...
croatia slovenia border

Slovenia uses more fencing to stop illegal migrants

Slovenia’s Government has decided to put more fencing on the border with Croatia in a bid to prevent illegal crossing. Schengen Visa Info reports that...
poland visas

Further extension of visas, permits in Poland

The state of emergency in Poland due to COVID-19 has led the country to extend visas for foreigners with work permits, national visas, or...
italy travel

Italy takes ‘calculated risk’ to end travel bans

After months of isolation and travel bans, Italy has decided to open for travellers from other Schengen and EU Member States. Schengen Visa Info reports...

Premium ID documents

What are the key features of a modern identity card ?

National identity documents have been around for more than a century. From a simple piece of paper with a glued photograph to a polycarbonate...