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cyprus golden passport

Cyprus scraps golden passport scheme

Cyprus has suspended its so-called golden passport scheme to sell citizenship to wealthy investors. The Guardian reports the programme was stopped after Al Jazeera filmed...
us croatia

Croatia opens borders for US tourists

Croatia has opened its borders for all third-country citizens that intend to enter the country for business, tourism, or other personal reasons, including Americans. Despite...

The permanence of a person’s status

A person’s identity has multifaceted aspects. It includes the classic elements of identification (such as name, surname and date of birth), but also the...

Need a Passport Photo? There’s an App for That

As the pandemic starts to subside and travel resumes, many Americans are eager to apply for, or renew, their U.S. passports. Some people consider...
bno passports

China threatens to stop recognising BNO passports

China has threatened to withdraw its recognition of British National Overseas (BNO) passports held by Hong Kong residents. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently said...

Premium ID documents

New Banknotes, Passports to Portray the UK’s New King

A change to the head of the British monarchy is always a carefully choreographed process, especially after a reign as long as that of...