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Estonia’s Digital Nomad Visa

The Estonian government approved a bill of amendments to the Aliens Act, which includes the plan to set up a digital nomadic visa. The Baltic...
schengen visa

Schengens urged to resume overseas visa operations

The European Commission has urged the Schengen Member States to resume visa operations abroad as soon as possible. Schengen Visa Info reports the commission recommended...
canadian border

Canadian closed to non-essential travel

The Canadian border is closed to non-essential travel until 21 June during the COVID-19 pandemic. CBC News reports it is up to border officers to...
eu travel list

UK exempt from EU travel restriction

United Kingdom citizens, as well as their family members, are exempted from the European Union’s temporary travel restriction. Schengen Visa Info explains UK citizens will...

US Biometric and Identity Intelligence Programme

The advancements in modern forensic capabilities have enabled law enforcement officials to quickly identify the details of who caused an incident and how it...

Premium ID documents

Understanding Public Key Infrastructure (Part 1)

Trust in passports is essential. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology gives strong evidence that information on a secure passport chip can be trusted. This...