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UK exempt from EU travel restriction

United Kingdom citizens, as well as their family members, are exempted from the European Union’s temporary travel restriction. Schengen Visa Info explains UK citizens will...

Rwanda waives visa fees for various visitors

The Rwandan cabinet has waived visa fees for a number of travellers. This new regulation applies to citizens of the member states of the African...
france quarantine

France imposes mandatory quarantine for foreigners

The two weeks mandatory quarantine imposed by the French Government has caused confusion since the decision was announced on 2 May. The decision will reportedly...

Passport-free travel between Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia begins 2021

Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia have agreed to allow passport-free travel and faster cross-border flow of goods by 2021, in order to boost economic...

Russian passport ‘will resemble credit card’

Russia’s new passport will reportedly be a plastic card. The Times Hub reports Valentina Kazakova, head of the country’s migration office, told Russian newspaper Izvestia...

History of the EU and its Laissez-Passer

After the Second World War, Europe was troubled. Two bloody wars had been fought on the continent. European countries had been making war against...