The story of standardisation

In November 1944, 54 States attended the International Civil Aviation Conference in Chicago. At the end of this conference a Convention on International Civil...

LIVE BLOG: Washington extends CDL and CLP expiration dates

To find news about a specific state, click on the state abbreviation here: 09 September Washington extends CDL and CLP expiration dates The Washington State Department...

Easy access for Polish in USA

The US government has nominated Poland to have access to its State Department’s Visa Waiver Programme. This programme will make it easier for Polish citizens...
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Croatia hopeful about visa-free travel to US

The United States has the raised hopes of Croatian citizens that they can soon travel to the US without a visa. This comes after talks...
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Croatians no longer need visas for visiting USA

The United States of America wants to abolish visas for Croatian citizens travelling to the USA. Gordan Grlić-Radman, Foreign and European Affairs Minister, says the...

Third-Party Risks to Your Business (Part 1)

Most businesses today rely to some degree on third parties to help carry out their necessary business functions. Depending on the industry your enterprise...