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Current situation Dutch Passport Act

On 9 June 2009 the Dutch Upper House of Parliament approved a new Passport Act without a vote. The proposal was, however, the topic...

‘Controversial’ fingerprints on Belgian eID

Belgium’s new electronic identity card with fingerprints will be implemented in several municipalities as a test starting from next week. When the new eID will...
schengen border control

More Schengen countries extend border controls

The Schengen member states are not planning to stop the recently reintroduced temporary border controls any time soon. Schengen Visa Info reports that the official...

Official and diplomatic travel documents

Official and diplomatic travel documents do not fit the mould of citizen documents. How do issuance authorities cope with managing these documents to ensure...

Kazakhstan launches visa-free regimen for transit passengers from China and India

According to the press office of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, citizens of China and India, travelling through Kazakhstan, via international airports of Nur-Sultan,...

Part 1: The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Introduction There are many devices, computers, workstations, wireless devices, and even IT infrastructures that are now interconnected amongst one another. There is a technical term...

Part 1: Cryptojacking