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The story of standardisation

In November 1944, 54 States attended the International Civil Aviation Conference in Chicago. At the end of this conference a Convention on International Civil...
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Schengens urged to resume overseas visa operations

The European Commission has urged the Schengen Member States to resume visa operations abroad as soon as possible. Schengen Visa Info reports the commission recommended...

Russia wants to extend tourist visas

In an effort to attract tourism, Russia is considering extending the maximum duration of tourist visas from 30 days to six months. Russia’s Foreign Ministry...

Preserving privacy identity management mechanisms

In this article we will discuss the ins and outs of privacy for a digital identity solution, but first we will introduce the key...

Latvia offers relocation to businesses in Belarus

Latvian authorities have decided to lend a hand to businesses in Belarus amid ongoing protests against President Alexander Lukashenko’s re-election. Schengen Visa Info reports Latvia...

Monitoring the Dark Web

Introduction Using the Internet today is second nature to most us. We take it for granted every day. However, when something goes wrong with it,...