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The use of documents by look-alikes or impostors is currently one of the fastest growing and most serious methods of fraud involving passports, identity...

US prepares for possible REAL ID chaos

Kristin Stanberry On 4 February 2020, a contingent of 200 travel professionals representing the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), visited Washington D.C. for ASTA...

Identity ecosystem

In this era of rapidly increasing populations, trade, and technology, the need to accurately, confidently, and promptly identify individuals is paramount to any organisation....

UK introduces new law to curb voter fraud

All voters in Britain will be legally required to show photographic identification before they can cast their ballot at future elections. British Prime Minister Boris...
eu population

EU releases 2020 population statistics

Eurostat says the population of the European Union (EU) in 2020 is nearly 448 million. In January, it was estimated that the population of the...

Premium ID Documents

History of the U.S. Passport: Part 7

In his comprehensive history of the U.S. passport, Tom Topol—passport expert, collector, and author of Let Pass or Die—has followed the evolution of this...