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Consumers ‘prefer biometrics to passwords’

The way we shop will continue to change in 2020 – with nearly 20 billion devices predicted to be online and new standards like...

Only 500 people have the world’s rarest passport

Wish you were in possession of the world's most exclusive passport? Countries like Japan and Singapore have some of the world's most powerful passports; boasting...
ugandan passport

Ugandans can now apply for passports online

Ugandan citizens wishing to apply for a passport, can now do so digitally. The government activated the e-application portal after launching the digital passport at...

Recent impact in Optical Machine Authentication

Continuing our trilogy on optical machine authentication (previous parts please see Keesing issues 57 and 58 ), this article focusses on future perspectives...

Balkans want own version of Schengen Area

Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia are looking to create their own free-travel zone, much like the Schengen Area. Albania and North Macedonia – who are...

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Part 1: Biometrics in The Cloud

The Cloud Before we delve any deeper as to what how biometric technology can be deployed into The Cloud, we must first have a basic...