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The weakest link

Presenting a genuine and authentic travel, residence and/or identity document is no guarantee of the true identity of the holder. The weakest link in...
most powerful passport

Who has world’s most powerful passport?

The Japanese and Singaporean passport was named as the "world's most powerful" by a British consultancy this year. The Nikkei reports that Japanese citizens, however,...

Big data: from marketing to safer streets

Intelligence-led policing has been around since the 1990s, but as elements such as profiling are still controversial and there are no universally established procedures...
tonga passport

Former Tonga PM guilty in passport scandal

Lord Tu’ivakano, former prime minister of Tonga, has been found guilty on three charges, including making a false statement for the purpose of obtaining...

Smart card middleware technology

Smart card middleware is a software component connecting a smart card with an application such as a web browser. In this article, Markus Hoffmeister...

Premium ID Documents

Global Passport Fees in 2021

Passports are a necessity in today’s global world, and so are the fees one has to pay for such travel documents. In the best...