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Innovation drives hologram document protection

It might be more than 65 years since the invention of the hologram but today the technology remains a potent weapon in the ongoing...
gender-neutral passports

UK court declines gender-neutral passports

A campaigner who wants the UK government to provide gender-neutral passports, has lost their case at the Court of Appeal. In a statement after the...

Interoperability of IAS systems

Published information, whether in the form of periodicals, journals or files transferred around the internet needs to be trusted, if it is to be...

Biometrics industry could lose $2 billion due to COVID-19

A new report from ABI Research predicts a revenue drop of $2 billion this year in the biometric device market caused by the COVID-19...

Meeting the Olympic challenge

In the summer of 2012, London hosted the biggest sporting event in the world: the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Many commentators agree that the...

Premium ID Documents

Passport data page photo: Colour or no colour?

Over the last years, more and more countries decided to switch to polycarbonate for their passport’s data page. The main reasons for such upgrades...