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Egypt to print polymer banknotes

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) will start printing environmentally-friendly currency made of polymer. According to a statement, the CBE is set to launch a...
fake banknotes

Man arrested with ‘high-quality’ fake banknotes

A man who arrived in Mumbai on a flight from Dubai was arrested for carrying fake Rs 2,000 banknotes with a face value of...

Optiks™: past, present and future

In this article, Malcolm Knight discusses the history, technology and status of the banknote feature termed Optiks™. The journey has not been straightforward and...
south korea fake banknotes

South Korea’s bogus banknotes hit record low

The number of counterfeit banknotes found in South Korea hit a record low in 2019. According to Bank of Korea, the number of fake banknotes...

The beginnings of Keesing Technologies

Keesing was founded in 1911 as a financial archive and grew into a publishing company with multiple magazines and booklets. More than a century...

Premium banknotes

Part 8: Interrupting traditional counterfeiting workflow

Joel Zlotnick, Jordan Brough and Troy Eberhardt This is the last of this paper series, which has introduced innovative security design strategies that interrupt reverse...

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