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zimbabwe banknote

Zim dollars limited but ready

Zimbabwe finally has access to the new Z$2 and Z$5 banknotes and coins. The new currency was expected to start circulating on 11 November but...

A challenging step in the right direction

As an increasing number of banknotes are now being sorted outside the central banks, locally or in industrial sorting centres, efficient detection of forged...
polymer banknotes

Australia saves $1 billion with polymer notes

Australia was the first country to issue a full series of polymer banknotes, completed over 1992 to 1996. After 25 years, issuance of the second...
cfa franc west africa

France to drop CFA franc in West Africa

A new common currency in West Africa – known as the ECO – will be launched in 2020. CNN reports that the ECO will replace...

Nigerian banknotes cost country ‘billions’

The Central Bank of Nigeria says N176.9 billion (almost $500 million) was spent to print banknotes between 2015 and 2018. A breakdown of the amount...

Premium banknotes

Acceptance & Use of Older-Design U.S. Federal Reserve Notes

The United States is a relatively young and progressive nation, compared to other countries around the world. When it comes to cash, “old” U.S....