Romanian national passport

The Romanian e-passport went into circulation in January 2019. It contains a RFID chip and is valid for 10 years. It also meets the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) specifications. Romania’s previous passport on the...

One hundred Francs Suisse banknote

General information: Country : Switzerland Denomination: CHF 100 (franc) Dimensions: 144 x 70mm Material: composite substrate Date of issue: 12 September 2019 Issuing bank: Schweizerische Nationalbank   Remarks: The recently launched CHF 100 (franc) note is the last of six denominations of the...

Moldova’s identity card

The Moldova's identity card went into circulation 14 May 2019.  General information: Issuing authority: Moldova Type: identity card Dimensions: 86 x 54 mm Material datapage: polycarbonate Printing technology: laser engraving Date of issue: 2019 Remarks: The document number and photograph are repeated...

Samoa’s Pacific Games banknote

General information: Country : Samoa Denomination: WST 10 (tala) Dimensions: 140 x 72mm Material: polymer Date of issue: June 2019 Issuing bank: Central Bank of Samoa   Remarks: Issued to commemorate the 25th South Pacific Games, held in Apia between 7 and 20...