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Uzbekistan replaces biometric passports with ID Cards

As of January the 4th Uzbekistan has started replacing the biometric passports with ID Cards. In order to get the ID card one must have...

Why do passports only come in four colours?

Passports around the world are only made in four colours: black, blue, red and green. There are no official rules or regulations governing what colours...
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Taiwan releases new passport design

The Taiwanese government has released a new design for the country's passport. The new design highlights the English word for "Taiwan" in the hope it...

The Kyrgyz Republic launches new e-passport

A new e-passport for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic was successfully launched last month, according to Biometric Update and a LinkedIn article by IT project...

Details about changes to Belgian eID

Belgium’s new electronic identity card with fingerprints will be implemented in several municipalities as a test starting from next week. Although the Data Protection Authority...

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Sorting Machines of Globalization: The Redefinition of Border

As the city torn by the Iron Curtain, Berlin uniquely represents the end of a world structured by border separation. In the fall of...