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New Dominican passport aims to stop crime

The Dominican Republic's new passport is packed with security features in the hopes of thwarting organised crime. According to Dominican Today, the features include: A...

Part 5: Interrupting traditional counterfeiting workflow

Joel Zlotnick, Jordan Brough and Troy Eberhardt The first three papers in this series described how counterfeiters reverse engineer security document artwork and proposed security...
taiwan passport

Taiwan releases new passport design

The Taiwanese government has released a new design for the country's passport. The new design highlights the English word for "Taiwan" in the hope it...
nwt id

Canada’s NWT launch new, secure IDs

Canada’s Northwest Territories (NWT) have launched their new driver’s licences and general identification cards. Security Document World reports both documents offer improved security features, making...

Designing identity documents

In recent years, identity document issuance solutions have undergone significant advances, incorporating a wave of new technologies that enable identity documents to be more...

Premium ID documents

Part 1: US 2020 Census

Kristin Stanberry As I write this article, the US Census Bureau has just completed the 2020 Census, which is quite an accomplishment during the COVID-19...