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argentina banknotes

Argentina plans ‘new family’ of banknotes

Argentina plans to develop a new banknote series featuring heroes and cultural figures instead of animals. The South American country’s current banknote series feature animals...
banknote of the year

Regional Banknote of the Year award winners

New banknotes have been recognised for their outstanding design and security technical excellence with international awards. The awards formed part of the High Security Printing...

Mexican walking fish on new peso

The Bank of Mexico has released an image of the new 50-peso bill. The banknote will feature the country’s native species, axolotl (also known as...
indonesia banknote

Indonesia 75th anniversary note

Bank Indonesia (BI) has issued a new IDR 75,000 banknote to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. Bank Indonesia says the “meaning”...
sudan banknote

New Sudanese pound banknote planned

The Central Bank of Sudan plans to issue a revised SDG 200 banknote.

Premium banknotes

Banknotes Continue to Cash in on the Benefits of Holography (Part...

Holography has proven to be a popular and effective security device when integrated into banknotes. Part of its ongoing appeal is its versatility and...