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Bank of Albania Issues New 500- and 2,000-Lekë Banknotes

The Bank of Albania put into circulation two new banknotes, in denominations of 500 Lekë and 2000 Lekë, on 17 January 2022. The new...

Banknote-like Print Honors Czech Hockey Legend Jágr

Czech hockey legend Jaromír Jágr is being feted with a commemorative print in the form of a banknote bearing his likeness and illustrating his...
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All Myanmar banknotes to feature Aung San

The Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) says it will introduce the image of independence hero General Aung San on all denominations of the country’s...

New 1 rupee note coming soon

India will soon issue its new 1 rupee note. Live Mint reports these banknotes will be printed by the Ministry of Finance, unlike the other...

New Qatar banknotes from December 18th

On 13 December 2020, the Central Bank of Qatar (QCB) announced that the new Qatari Riyal banknotes will go into circulation as of Friday, December...

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Famous Females on Banknotes

As we wrap up Women’s History Month in the US, we’re pleased to bring you an article highlighting the growing number of notable women...