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Designing better banknotes

The involvement of the general public in the testing of security features and banknote configurations can provide valuable information about the usability and security...

Mexican walking fish on new peso

The Bank of Mexico has released an image of the new 50-peso bill. The banknote will feature the country’s native species, axolotl (also known as...

Hungarian 10.000 forint banknote soon obsolete

The Hungarian 10.000 forint banknotes will be invalid at the end of this year. The National Bank of Hungary set the date for the withdrawal...
Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago gets new $100 bill

The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago has introduced a new $100 bill as legal tender. The bank says the new banknote is based on...

Bank of Ghana releases new banknotes

The Bank of Ghana have released the new GH¢100 and GH¢200 bills. This was announced by the Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Ernest Addison...

Premium banknotes

Part 8: Interrupting traditional counterfeiting workflow

Joel Zlotnick, Jordan Brough and Troy Eberhardt This is the last of this paper series, which has introduced innovative security design strategies that interrupt reverse...

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