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Norway’s new 1000-krone banknote

The central bank of Norway, Norges Bank, has introduced four out of the five banknotes in the new banknote series. The 1000-krone banknote is set...

Designing identity documents

In recent years, identity document issuance solutions have undergone significant advances, incorporating a wave of new technologies that enable identity documents to be more...
Guyanese ID card

Biometric Guyanese ID card possibly underway

David Granger, President of Guyana, said the South American country’s government is considering the introduction of a single national identification card. The idea is that...

Japanese banknote design honours much-loved dog

Earlier this year, Japan’s Ministry of Finance revealed new designs for the country’s yen. The new designs will feature an image of Tokyo Station and...

Part 7: Interrupting traditional counterfeiting workflow

Joel Zlotnick, Jordan Brough and Troy Eberhardt This paper is the seventh in a series focusing on novel security design strategies that interrupt counterfeiting processes...

FIDO: A secure alternative for electronic IDs?

Dr Bernd Zwattendorfer & Navneeta Deo Infineon Technologies Electronic IDs (eIDs) are typically the means of choice for securing online identification and authentication processes in data-sensitive...