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Cybermarket for forged identity documents

The online market of forged identity documents is quickly evolving. Sellers of these documents operate both on the surface Web and on the deep...
retinal recognition

Retinal recognition: pros and cons

In Part 1 of this series, Ravi Das looked at an overview into and the process of retinal recognition, which he describes as the...
hand geometry recognition

Hand geometry recognition: pros and cons

Ravi Das The biometric template creation process of hand geometry recognition To start the enrolment process with a hand geometry recognition system, a combination of both...

EU initiatives in the ID document domain

In 2016, the EU Commission published its ‘Action plan to strengthen the European response to travel document fraud’. This article will discuss some major...

Errors in machine readable travel documents

This article is part 4 in a series on errors in machine readable travel documents. The previous articles focused on various international travel documents...