Canadian Bank Note (CBN)

Our customers oversee the complex projects that combine a government’s technology with the day-to-day life of its citizens. All over the world, people travel safely through borders, trust local currency and carry reliable ID because of the information systems and documents that we design and build


Company Description: Canadian Bank Note Company (CBN) is a customer-centric, global supplier of secure personal identification solutions headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

With a principled and ethical approach to business, its vision is to make the world a safer place to live in by supplying solutions aimed at preventing fraud associated with the use of secure documents and systems. Its experience covers the full range of business applications in which their customers are active. As such it is able to successfully engage in consultative, solutions-oriented collaboration leading to the intelligent application of technologies that address the complex problems of today and tomorrow.

As a turn-key provider, CBN offers a full range of services and solutions including: consulting; system design and architecture; Lean production analysis and implementation; software design and development; project management; secure document design and manufacturing; secure service bureau for personalization and distribution; and maintenance and support. The many technologies that CBN has successfully deployed in solutions for passports, border control, national ID, driving licences and vehicle registration, civil registry, elections, land registry, citizenship and immigration include: smart cards, RFID, biometrics, e-Passports, high-security printing, laser engraving, and PKI.

In addition to personal identification solutions, CBN is a proven and trusted supplier of bank notes, postage stamps, solutions for fiscal/tax documents, and lottery systems to customers in more than 70 countries worldwide.


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