The British Esports Association has announced plans to update its membership platform with enhanced security features, including a method to restrict underage player participation. The new platform will verify users’ age with biometrics at various points of entry and will ensure that communication within the platform is regularly reviewed to reduce toxicity and cyber threats.

British Esports has partnered with three other companies to upgrade its platform:

· IBM will use its Watson Assistant to engage gamers with an interactive gaming avatar; it will also provide personalized content to improve the gamers’ skills.

· Yoti will provide age verification through its privacy-focused AI technology. Players can verify their age by downloading the Yoti app, which utilizes biometrics, liveness detection, and ID document checks.

· GoBubble, a safety technology provider, will handle moderation.

Julie Dawson, Director of Regulatory and Policy at Yoti, explained that through testing they will “develop privacy-preserving and ‘ethics by design’ systems that support under 13 age verification and associated parental consent. This same approach can support many other companies to comply in a friction-free way with the Age Appropriate Design Code and protect children,” she added.

The new platform will launch in Spring 2021 for 12- to 19-year-olds, and later on for other age groups.

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