Brazil has launched an ambitious national digital identity system, powered and protected by blockchain technology. Digital identity documents are issued via a private blockchain developed by Serpro, Brazil’s national data processing service. The system went live in early October 2023.

What are the benefits to Brazilian citizens?

The country’s digital, blockchain-based identity project, named Quarkid, allows citizens to obtain a self-sovereign digital identity. The goal of the project is “to redefine the relationship between government and its citizens while elevating digital identity practices and security standards across Latin America,” Currency Analytics explains.

The digital ID system will streamline citizens’ access to vital government services, with blockchain security affording them peace of mind.

Initially, Buenos Aires citizens will be able to claim essential documents such as birth and marriage certificates through their Quarkid wallets. By November, additional documents, such as proof-of-income statements and academic records, will become accessible via the Quarkid platform.

In October only citizens in Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, and Paraná were eligible to obtain a digital ID. Within a month of the launch, citizens throughout the country will be able to do so.

What are the benefits for the Brazilian government?

In recent years, Brazil has been working to unify identity issuance across its almost 30 states. The newly adopted technology will allow a more secure data exchange between the Federal Revenue and government departments, stated an official announcement. 

The local Brazilian government has stated that the national ID project will effectively target organised crime, allowing government sectors to work together by offering a simpler way to access services and simplifying administrative records, The Paypers reports. 


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