Bhutan, the “small yet technologically advanced nation … has developed a national digital identity system using blockchain technology to enable citizens to have a self-sovereign identity,” Identity Week reports. In July, the country’s National Assembly passed the National Digital Identity Act (NDI) of Bhutan 2023, which supports and gave rise to the new digital framework. 

The new system is intended to replace the legacy system, which is centralized and thus gives users little or no control over how and to whom they share their personal data.

The Bhutan NDI Wallet

Bhutan NDI wallet is a mobile application, in which users’ authenticated digital credentials will be stored. “Unlike a physical wallet, citizens can digitally share the credentials stored in the NDI wallet to avail themselves of online services,” the Bhutan Broadcasting Service explains. Using the mobile app, citizens will have easy online access to government and private sector services.

The personal data contained in the Bhutan NDI wallet includes the user’s health information, tax records, career and education records, and bank statements.

The country claims that the biometrics of more than 70 percent of its population have been collected so far. It aims to enroll all of its 750,000 citizens into the system by the end of the year.

For Bhutan citizens who are offline or overseas

For citizens who lack smart devices or Internet connectivity, the government of Bhutan is developing a Biometric Verification Cryptography system to be used in offline mode.

Bhutanese citizens living overseas can register to use the Bhutan NDI wallet by submitting their biometrics to Bhutan’s Department of Civil Registration and Census. 


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