Crane Currency has launched a new micro-optic security product for protecting low denomination, high-demand banknotes.

The banknote provider says BREEZE provides central banks with an alternative to older security features such as colourshift threads, “taking advantage of features such as three-dimensional movement, high-contrast colours, durable sealed lenses and machine readability.”

“Over 20 years ago, colourshift films were seen as exotic. Today, these effects are available on an industrial scale, thereby eroding the confidence and security of banknotes,” Nick Pearson, Senior Currency Technologist at Crane Currency, said.

“It is time to let go of a material that leaves the door open for counterfeiters and fakes,” he added.

According to Crane Currency, BREEZE security threads are specifically engineered for maximum durability, security and cost-effectiveness.

The treads are also designed to protect banknotes with fast, unambiguous verification at a low cost.

BREEZE is an extension of Crane Currency’s family of micro-optic security products such as MOTION®, RAPID®, RAPID® Detect and MOTION SURFACE®.

Crane Currency explains the visual effects of BREEZE are created using the same proprietary design and production processes used to protect some of the most valuable banknotes in the world.

BREEZE exhibits secure, moving effects displayed across its 3 mm width. Among these effects are Cubic, Ripple and Stellar, each available in four high contrast colours, namely red, green, blue and violet.

“Security threads that can produce fluid movement in high contrast are a preferred option for capturing the public’s attention and allowing them to verify the banknote quickly,” Karin Mörck-Hamilton, Director of Global Design at Crane Currency, said.

According to Crane Currency, the three-dimensional and dynamic visual combinations are easily seen in all lighting conditions.

High contrast colours and bold movement are also set to a customised window pattern offering a proven solution built on security, ease of use and beauty, the banknote provider explained.

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