Czech hockey legend Jaromír Jágr is being feted with a commemorative print in the form of a banknote bearing his likeness and illustrating his achievements on the ice.
The collectible item is not a genuine banknote and thus will not be accepted as legal tender.

The collectible print was unveiled at a press conference on 14 February, the eve of Jágr’s 50th birthday. The star athlete, coinmaker České dukáty and the State Printing Works of Securities made the announcement together.

In the 1990s and 2000s Jágr and his Czech National Ice Hockey Teammates won numerous international competitions, including the Winter Olympic Games and three World Championships.

The banknote print was designed by award-winning Czech printmaker and illustrator Eva Hašková. Jágr joked that one reason he likes the print is that it makes him look younger.

The face of the print, with a symbolic 50 placed on the value marking, features a portrait of Jágr wearing a helmet and shirt bearing his signature number 68. Behind him are a Czech lion and Czech flags.

The reverse side of the print depicts a celebration in Prague after the Czech ice hockey team won the winter Olympics in Nagano in 1998. The motto: “Pride and honor is victory” appears below the image.

Where a banknote normally displays the denomination, the Jágr “banknote” has the number 50, which is slightly below the actual value sold at the CZK 2,490. The commemorative banknote-like prints are printed in four series of 2,500 sheets each. They can be purchased on the website The first series of prints have already sold out.


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