On July 1, 2021, the Bank of Scotland will put a new polymer £50 banknote (The Bridges series) into circulation.

Color, design, and imagery

As with previous notes issued by the Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh’s Mound and a portrait of Walter Scott will appear on the front. However, the note also incorporates some new color schemes and imagery. The polymer note will be primarily red, versus the traditional green hue.

The design of the new £50 note will feature Kelpies and the Falkirk Wheel on the reverse side. The Bank of Scotland chose to include the Kelpies to celebrate “the contribution of horses to the history of Scotland.” The Falkirk Wheel officially opened in 2002 and is one of only two boat lifts in the UK and the only rotating boat lift in the world. The Falkirk Wheel also appears in the United Kingdom’s passports, due to its significance to the nation’s infrastructure.

New security features

The new banknote also contains important security features, such as the following:

  • Transparent windows within the Mound frontage and a transparent vertical stripe on the front of the note.
  • A holographic foil strip inside the above-mentioned vertical stripe which displays the Prosperity statue on top of The Mound, the Bank of Scotland logo, and “£50.” The foil also displays “Northern Lights” imagery, with stars and colors appearing when the note is tilted.
  • A UV feature depicting a horse pulling a canal barge.

For additional details, see the CSCB website.


The National: The Newspaper That Supports an Independent Scotland

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