The Central Bank of The Bahamas (CBB) will release a new $100 banknote on 6th October 2021, to complete the family of CRISP Evolution of Bahamian banknotes which it began phasing in back in 2016. The new note has a unique visual design as well as advanced security features, making it the most secure banknote ever issued by the CBB. The bill has the same dimensions as existing banknotes. 

Security features:

The new $100 banknote is the most secure Bahamian bill to date, thanks to the following security features:

  • It is printed on a Durasafe® substrate by the Canadian Bank Note Company. (The country’s $50 note is also printed on a Durasafe® substrate.)
  • The new note combines Crane Currency’s MOTION® Surface technology with the Durasafe® substrate.

Visual design:

  • Color scheme: The most noticeable change to this note is its predominantly brown colour with shades of red and yellow.
  • A portrait of a national hero, the late Arthur Dion Hanna, former Governor General, former Deputy Prime Minister, and a former Minister of Finance of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, has been added to the Bahamian landscape on the front side of the note.
  • Also on the front side, in the center, is an image of a partially open Royal Poinciana flower.
  • The back side features a redesigned likeness of a blue marlin surrounded by marine life. 

CRISP Evolution $100 from CBOB IAM on Vimeo.

Updating the CBB Banknote app

To educate the public, the Central Bank will add this note to its banknote app, ‘CBB Banknote MAP’, which showcases the security features of all CRISP Evolution banknotes. The app assists users with the authentication of genuine Bahamian banknotes. The update will occur the same day the new note is issued.

About the Bahamas family of CRISP Evolution banknotes

The CBB has previously issued CRISP Evolution banknotes in denominations of 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 50 dollars. The $50 note was nominated for the International Banknote Society’s Banknote of the Year 2019.


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