According to Trend, the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) are expected to put new updated banknotes into circulation in January 2021.

The 1, 5, and 50 manats will be updated and put into circulation together with the banknotes of the same denomination that are already in circulation.

The updated banknotes have been applied with the latest technologies and innovations in the design and security systems.

The latest security elements on the updated banknotes are:

  • The Rolling Star Lead hologram (moving in a 3D effect and changing color)
  • The ‘Spark Live’ element (dynamic light effects and color patterns)
  • A watermark (the image of the State Emblem of Azerbaijan and the corresponding denomination while illuminating)
  • a recognition element for persons with visual impairments (convex lines, which are designed in such a way that touching these lines, the authenticity and denomination of the banknote can be determined)
  • vertical design (the reverse side of banknotes in accordance with the world’s most modern trend in the banknote production area is framed vertically)

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