The Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) will start issuing a new-and-improved 20-manat banknote on 10 February 2022. The new note will have an updated design and modern security features, similar to the AZN 1, AZN 5 and AZN 50 banknotes CBA has been issuing since 1 January 2021.

The CBA explains that “the security systems and design of the 20-manat banknote … have been updated using the latest technology and innovations within the existing concept.” The 20-manat banknote was last redesigned in 2006.

The renewed 20-manat banknotes will be in circulation along with the current banknotes of the same denomination.

Material, dimensions and design

The new banknote is printed on paper and measures 141 x 70mm. The primary colour scheme is green, and the design elements are dedicated to the theme of “Karabakh.”
The reverse side of the note is framed vertically.

Front side:

Reverse side:

Enhanced security features

The modern security features of the updated 20-manat banknote include:

  • 3D hologram that changes color when viewed from different angles
  • Spark® Live security element (dynamic light effects with changing colours)
  • Watermark (State Emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and numerical representation of the denomination), which is visible when the note is held up to a light source
  • Tactile (raised) slashes (on the front side, at left and right edges) help the visually impaired identify the authenticity and denomination of the note.


Central Bank of Azerbaijan

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