The Central Bank of Azerbaijan has redesigned its 10 manats banknote and plans to enter it into circulation on 22 June 2022. Banknotes in this denomination were last redesigned in 2019.

The new 10-manats note will join other denomination notes in Azerbaijan’s new-and-improved banknote series. The Central Bank put updated 1, 5, and 50 manats banknotes into circulation in January 2021. The 50 manats note was recently named the Best Applied Security Product award at the Excellence in Holography Awards 2021 for its use of Louisenthal’s RollingStar LEAD Mix. The Central Bank also issued a new-and-improved 20-manat note earlier this year.

Visual design keeps the focus on history, with some variations

The new 10 manats banknote is printed on paper and measures 134 x 70mm. One notable change with this note is the vertical orientation of the back side.

The new note keeps the theme of “history” that characterized the previous issues. The front depicts the ancient city of Baku with the fortress walls of the Icheri Sheher (Old City) in the background, as well as the Shirvanshahs Palace and the Maiden Tower. The back has a stylized map and ornaments of Azerbaijani carpets.

Front side 

Back side

A close-up view of the new security features

The most significant update to the 10 manats note lies in its security features, which have been modified in design and/or place on the note. They include:

Front side:

  • A watermark with Azerbaijan’s national emblem and the denomination (‘10’)
  • A Spark® Live feature that includes optical brightness, color-shifts, and dynamic light effects
  • A colour-changing 3D effect hologram
  • Intaglio printing (‘’10” denomination)
  • Raised (tactile) slash marks on left and right edges for the visually impaired
  • Microtext.

Back side:

  • A dynamic windowed security strip
  • Intaglio printing (“10” denomination)
  • Microtext
  • Vertical orientation

Previous issues of the note that are in circulation now will remain valid as legal tender.


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