Hans de Heij

Hans de Heij
Hans de Heij works as an engineer at the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), where he was in charge of the introduction of five new guilder banknotes during the period 1981-1997. He pioneered the inclusion of public (consumer) feedback in banknote designs and has published several articles on the subject. Hans proposed the colour scheme of the current euro banknotes and led the contribution of DNB to the Euro design contest both in 1996 and 2006. In 2008 he started a Ph.D. on the subject of Using and Experiencing Banknotes.

The Upid-Model

This article reflects in short the main chapters of Hans de Heij’s dissertation, for which he developed a model for the use-centered design of...

Key elements in banknote design

Commissions to design a new banknote are typically unclear, hiding many implicit aspects. In 2008 Hans de Heij started a Ph.D. on the subject...

Spotting the differences

In January of this year, the European Central Bank (ECB) unveiled the full design of the new EUR 5 banknote. This banknote is the...