Austria is strengthening its border controls with the help of the military as coronavirus cases rise in the Western Balkans.

Euronews reports anyone entering Austria from Slovenia must now expect random checks, such as at the Karawanks Tunnel border crossing in Carinthia.

Soldiers and police officers reportedly inspect cargo as well as the health status of passengers.

“Whether there is a valid coronavirus test, whether the person has to go into home quarantine, or whether the person is simply passing through Austria,” Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Enenkel said.

According to the news channel, checks especially focus on vehicles with number plates from countries with rising infection rates, such as Bosnia or Serbia.

Several Balkan countries are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases.

Euronews reports Montenegro, which was declared free of the epidemic by authorities in June, now has the highest infection rate in the region.

“The reason for this re-enforcement of border controls is simply the increase in the number of cases in the Western Balkan countries, and ultimately also the increase of cases in Austria,” Enenkel explained.

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