ARH Inc.

ARH Inc. develops, manufactures and sells intelligent software and devices that process images within the context of security and traffic control.


Company Description: ARH has been driving innovation in the ID reader industry for more than 28 years. Our strong point is high-end document reading and verification applications typically used as the 1st line of authentication at airports. We are proud to have achieved engineering excellence through in-house expertise, prime solutions and our innovative, tech-savvy team.

We are an independent developer of passport reader software and hardware. We design, manufacture and deliver purpose-made ID scanners. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge about data capture and passport authentication, we are a market leader with worldwide references.

Our ID reader portfolio includes desktop devices and readers for kiosk integration – capable of reading all the travel documents in the world, even national ID’s not complying with international standards. ARH’s proprietary controllers and RFID antennas are compatible with BSI standards – another reason for being the industry’s market leader. In close cooperation with like-minded innovators, ARH offers an entire ecosystem of passport readers.

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