The Banco Central de la República Argentina has issued a new 2,000-pesos banknote, making it the country’s largest-denomination note. It commemorates the development of science and medicine in Argentina with portraits of Drs. Cecilia Grierson and Ramón Carrillo, historic pioneers in Argentinian public health.

The new note was put into circulation on May 22, 2023. It measures 155 x 65mm and is printed on paper. The primary colour scheme is dark gray and pink.

The face of the 2,000-Peso banknote

The dominant images on the face of the note are portraits of Cecilia Grierson, MD and Ramón Carrillo, MD. Dr. Grierson was the first woman to become a physician in Argentina upon graduating from the School of Medicine of Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1889. She was an obstetrician who founded the first nursing school in Latin America with a formal curriculum. A founding member of the Argentine Medical Association, she also pioneered the opening of first aid centers in small towns and played a key role during a cholera epidemic in Buenos Aires. Dr. Carrillo was a neurosurgeon, neurologist, and sanitarian. He served as the first Argentine Minister of Health (1946-1954) and was dedicated to the development of social medicine. He eradicated endemic diseases such as malaria, put an end to certain epidemics, and drastically reduced infant mortality. 

The back side of the 2,000-Peso banknote

The back side of the note depicts the building of the Malbrán Institute, founded in 1893 to produce biological products to treat infectious and contagious diseases. 

Security features to prevent counterfeiting

The security features in the new banknote are designed to prevent counterfeiting.

Security features on the face of the banknote include:

  • A watermark containing portraits of Ramón Carrillo and Cecilia Grierson 
  • The SPARK Live® Truspin security feature on the right changes colour from green to azure blue, depicting a caduceus on an escutcheon. 
  • A see-through and a latent image
  • 32 raised (tactile) bars at the left and right edges to help the visually impaired identify the denomination.

A security feature on the reverse side of the banknote:

  • A red serial number, in vertical orientation, appears red under UV light. When placed in horizontal position, it appears in black ink and yellow under UV light.

Watch the video featuring Argentina’s new 2,000-Peso banknote:


Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina

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