The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, partnering with the Argentine Mint, has designed a new family of banknotes, to be entered into circulation by the end of 2022. Some characteristics of the new notes are familiar, while the design is strikingly different.  

The new family of banknotes consists of four denominations, with the design of each paying tribute to men and women instrumental in the emancipation and building of Argentina. The new designs will replace those in the current series, which feature national wildlife. Unlike the vertical (portrait orientation) of the wildlife series, the 2022 series banknotes are printed in a traditional horizontal (landscape) orientation.

Images of the new banknotes are depicted below.

100 Pesos: Maria Eva Duarte de Peron, the former first lady who fought for the expansion of social and labor rights in Argentina.

200 Pesos: Martin Miguel de Güemes, leader and organizer of the liberating army of the Andes, and Juana Azurduy, who defied convention as a formidable female militia leader in the War of Independence.

500 Pesos: Maria Remedios del Valle and Manuel Belgrano, both great heroes of Argentina’s War of Independence.

1,000 Pesos: Jose de San Martin, father of the country, the Liberator, led Argentina, Chile and Peru to freedom. He is one of the most famous figures of the Spanish-American wars of independence.

As with the previous banknote series, the new notes will be printed on paper, and the dimensions of each note will remain 155 x 65mm. The primary colour scheme of each denomination will be consistent with the current series.

The new family of banknotes will contain advanced security features as well as raised markings for the visually impaired. Those details will be made available closer to the issuance date.

The new notes will coexist with the current banknotes already in circulation.


Central Bank of the Argentine Republic

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