Argentina has doubled the visa-free stay for Ukrainians to 90 days within six months.

The press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: “From March 14, 2020, the visa-free stay of Ukrainian citizens in Argentina will double: from 90 days during the calendar year to 90 days within 180 days.”

112.UA news agency reports that similar simplification is mutually applied by Ukraine to the citizens of Argentina.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the visa cancellation agreement with the government of Grenada.

This allows citizens of two states to travel to Ukraine or Grenada without a visa for up to 90 days within the consecutive 180-day periods.

Ukraine has previously approved similar agreements with Mongolia and Argentina, as well as with the Marshall Islands.

This means that Ukrainians can now travel for 90 days during the period of 180 days without a visa.

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