APSCA is the industry association for payments and identity in Asia, from secure smart chip-based and contactless applications to the latest digital payments and digital identity services.


APSCA is the business association for payments and identity, from secure smart chip-based applications to the latest digital security approaches. The association provides services to organisations in the smart card, smart device, contactless, mobile contactless/NFC, electronic identity, biometrics and IoT businesses. Established in 1997 as an independent association for both end-users and suppliers in payments and identity, APSCA now has over 50 members in Asia Pacific, Greater China, South Asia and Europe. APSCA delivers information, guidance and networking to corporations and government organisations, including smart card issuers, application owners, scheme operators and suppliers, providing an unparalleled opportunity to source information and contacts, facilitate payments and identity initiatives, and generate increased business development.

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