The Banco Nacional de Angola is introducing a new family of banknotes to commemorate the 45th anniversary of independence which was declared on 11 November 1975 by the country’s first president, Agostinho Neto.

Neto’s portrait will appear on the front of the new notes.

According to the bank, the most commonly used denominations (AOA 200, AOA 500, AOA 1,000, and AOA 2,000) will be printed on polymer substrate to increase longevity.

The new 200-kwanza notes are scheduled for introduction on 30 July, followed by 500-kwanza notes in September, 1,000-kwanza notes in October, and 2,000-kwanza notes in November.

New paper 5,000-kwanza note are scheduled for January 2021.

Banknote News reports there is no word on the fate of the smaller denominations (AOA 5, AOA 10, AOA 50, and AOA 100), but the bank stated that a 10,000-kwanza note is not expected unless absolutely necessary.

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