The Algerian government wants to promote its tourism sector through an electronic visa system.

The Jakarta Post writes that the country has one of the most complex visa regimes. In addition to a valid passport, visitors must also be able to show a hotel reservation or a certificate from an Algerian travel agency.

The government wants to change the current diplomatic system. They also want to invest in its diplomatic and consular network with a permanent mission to attract foreign investment.

This can quickly change with the new government’s initiative to introduce an electronic visa system.

In this manner, it is hoped to promote the economy and tourism in Algeria, according to

There is currently no exact date set for this visa service.

A visa valid for a stay of up to 90 days costs €85 and €125 for a stay after that period.

It is advisable to submit an application well in advance, as it can take up to two weeks for visa applications to be processed.

Various countries have introduced electronic visa systems to boost tourism, including Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

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