This fall, Canada will impose new COVID-19 travel restrictions on its citizens who work for, or travel on, federally-regulated transportation systems. At about the same time, the government will make COVID vaccine passports available to citizens who qualify, thus streamlining their travel.

COVID-19 Vaccine Required on Federally-regulated Transportation

Canada will soon require that travellers—including Canadian citizens–on all federally-regulated transportation services be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Workers in Canada’s federally-regulated transport system will also have to be vaccinated. The requirement will apply to commercial flights, interprovincial passenger trains, and cruise ships. Exemptions will be allowed for children under the age of 12 and for passengers with certain medical conditions. The new rules are expected to go into effect no later than the end of October.

Canadians can use the ArriveCAN app to prove their vaccination status when travelling on federally-regulated transportation services within Canada. (Since July of this year, Canadians who are fully vaccinated can avoid quarantine upon their return to the country by using the ArriveCAN app to upload their vaccination status.)

Canadian COVID-19 Vaccine Passport “Coming Soon”

Canada’s Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino has announced that fully vaccinated Canadians will soon be eligible for a government document that certifies their COVID-19 vaccine history for the purpose of international travel. The timeline is tentatively set for early fall.

The official “vaccine passport” will be digital (with a paper option available), and will include the resident’s vaccination history, including the type of vaccines they received, and the date(s) and location of administration. The vaccine records will be provided by the provinces and territories.

Canada’s vaccine passport is not intended for domestic use but could be if provinces choose to do so. Some provinces have already developed their own vaccine passports, while others eagerly await the standardized national document.


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