Zimbabwe Is Now Issuing Biometric Passports

The government of Zimbabwe is now issuing its first biometric passport which has advanced security features and is fully compliant with International Civil Aviation...

United Arab Emirates to Issue New Generation Passport

The United Arab Emirates Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security has announced that the new generation Emirati Passport will be issued...

Only ID needed to travel between Turkey and Azerbaijan

Soon Turkish and Azerbaijani citizens will be able to travel to each other's countries with only an ID card in their pocket. A treaty between...
italy travel

Italians not yet welcome in Austria

Austrian authorities have opened their borders to nationals of its neighbouring countries after keeping them closed for more than two months due to the...
bulgaria uk passport

Bulgaria wants to change Citizenship Act for UK

The Bulgarian government is proposing to amend its Citizenship Act so that UK citizens who apply for Bulgarian passports before the end of 2020...

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History of the U.S. Passport: Part 7

In his comprehensive history of the U.S. passport, Tom Topol—passport expert, collector, and author of Let Pass or Die—has followed the evolution of this...