argentina banknote

Argentina to introduce new banknote

Casa de Moneda, the printing facility of the Banco Central de la República Argentina, has reportedly begun production of new ‎ARS 5,000 banknotes. La Nacion...

Biometrics in the cloud

Until recently, businesses had to acquire their own information technology infrastructure, and house it within their own facilities. Although this set-up does have some...

Tanzania’s new electronic passport launched

Tanzania launched its new East African Community (EAC) electronic passport as its official travel document. The East African reports the old passport will be phased...

The gateway to identities misuse

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the Registry of Motor Vehicles or the Bureau of Motor Vehicles: regardless of the naming of the agency...
turkey visa

Turkey partially lifts visa requirements for Algerians

Turkey issued a presidential decree exempting certain Algerian citizens from having to obtain travel visas when visiting the country. The decision, published in Turkey's Official...


Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

Part 1: The top tax scams in 2020

Introduction As we get closer to 15 October, this can mean only thing that most Americans hate doing: paying taxes (of course, if you are...