tax scams

Part 1: The top tax scams in 2020

Introduction As we get closer to 15 October, this can mean only thing that most Americans hate doing: paying taxes (of course, if you are...

3D Printing, counterfeiting and risk

Joel Zlotnick, Elizabeth Gil, Jordan Brough and Troy Eberhardt In recent years, 3D printing technologies have been increasingly adopted for a wide range of product...

‘No more REAL ID excuses’ with DMV Express

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) announced its new “DMV Express” to improve its costumers’ experience. According to the DMV, its latest modernisation allows...

‘VIP packages’ for illegal migrants

For a hefty amount of money, Vietnamese migrants can sign up for the so-called "VIP package" to the United Kingdom. $50,000 will (illegally) get you...

IQ Structures designs new banknote security features

IQ Structures has designed a new set of visual security elements for the protection of banknotes against counterfeiting. The Czech research and production organisation said...


Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

The Role Of The vPO

Introduction A vCISO is essentially an individual that fulfills the role of a direct hired CISO, but instead, they are independent contractors.  Because of that,...