Identity ecosystem

In this era of rapidly increasing populations, trade, and technology, the need to accurately, confidently, and promptly identify individuals is paramount to any organisation....
fake schengen visas

Several arrested for fake Schengen Visas

Several staff members of a travel agency in Oran, Algeria, have been arrested for forging Schengen Visas. Schengen Visa Info reports police have seized several...
gender id cards

Netherlands to remove gender from ID cards

The Netherlands plans to remove gender categories from its national ID cards. Dutch broadcasting organisation NOS reports Ingrid van Engelshoven, Minister of Education, Culture and...
thailand e-visa

Thailand asks tourists to apply online for visas

Visitors from 18 countries, entitled to visas-on-arrival, are being advised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to apply online for their e-visa. News site Thai...

New Versions of Danish banknotes

Danmarks Nationalbank will introduce new 500-krone in Denmark on 17 November 2020. Other denominations of banknotes are due to be issued in new versions over...

Keesing Documentchecker

Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

Understanding Public Key Infrastructure (Part 1)

Trust in passports is essential. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology gives strong evidence that information on a secure passport chip can be trusted. This...